Set construction

Own team of installers and workers

Construction of decorations and scenery

FZG Studio has its own team of installers, carpenters and painters and patinators. We outsource services that we cannot provide in-house. For example, a CNC carpentry workshop, large format printing or rental of ordered props.

Even before the film industry, we operated a carpentry and assembly workshop for more than 20 years. We have been setting the stage for the film for more than 5 years.

Don't be afraid to send us your idea whatever it is.

Construction demand

For a construction request, please send a plan or sketch of the staff, ideally drawn into the plan of FZG Studio.

If you do not have drawings from an architect, all you need is a sketch or reference photos or a link to a YouTube video where the element you want to post is visible.

We will try to design the optimal solution and prepare a price budget and construction plan.